State Budget Submission Consultation

State Budget Submission Consultation

Centre staff and/or committee members are invited to shape our annual State Budget Submission. We will use this submission to speak to government on how our sector is funded and to make recommendations to consider in future budget and policy setting. 

Your insights, expertise and experience are crucial to getting the voice of our network heard and we value your input to ensure that the State Budget Submission accurately reflects the state of our sector, and what changes will help it be more effective and sustainable into the future.

The State Budget Submission process is an advocacy opportunity for Linkwest and member Centres to share our sector knowledge and provide input on how the state government should decide on priorities for the next budget cycle. 

Please join us for an online consultation on Tuesday, 10 October at 1pm (WST). Everyone is warmly welcomed!

If you want to participate but can not make the online consultation, please consider sharing a story of impact from your Centre. Simply sharing the reports you have submitted to funders is an easy way to help for those comfortable to share those with us. For more information and to share your story, please contact Christel at [email protected].

Member Price
Online via Zoom
10/10/2023 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
W. Australia Standard Time
Registration not available.

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