2022 Member Survey Summary Report 

2022 Member Survey Summary Report CoverLinkwest is delighted to present the 2022 Member Survey Summary Report. The survey, which ran at the end of 2022, collects essential data on our sector and provides a snapshot of Neighbourhood Centres (NCs) and Community Resource Centres (CRCs) – collectively referred to as Centres. The total of 81 participating Centres represents a 72% increase in engagement from the 2021 survey. We are grateful to all Centres who took the time to complete this survey – thank you.

This report is a valuable tool for Linkwest as we advocate for and promote the sector. It also provides essential information for grant applications and contract acquittals.

The report also provides Centres with sector data and information that will help you apply for grants, promote your Centre, and attract staff/volunteers. For example:

  • Looking to apply for a grant to fund emergency relief? You can use the data from the survey to demonstrate that you are part of a big network that has been essential in the distribution of emergency relief.  34% of Centres provide Emergency Relief (ER) – with only 35% of these receiving funding to do so. Centres have been playing a critical role in the ER area (especially since the COVID-19 crisis), as they are trusted places where people feel safe and have built strong relationships with other agencies that can aid in the provision of ER. You can apply this principle to other grants as well by using data that demonstrates the value and contribution of the network.
  • If you are looking to promote your Centre (either for a grant or to your community), it is useful to highlight that your Centre is part of a broader network. More than 32,000 Western Australians use Centres in an average week – a significant increase since 2019, when this number was 18,500. This means that Centres are more important than ever, and continue providing essential support and services, as well as a place where people can connect.
  • Most Centres rely on volunteer support – either in the shape of passionate committee members driving the Centre or in more casual positions, helping with day-to-day tasks. When looking to recruit volunteers in your community, you can highlight that the network has a long and strong history of providing great volunteering opportunities. Around 2,100 Western Australians contributed about 2,600 hours of volunteer work each week at Centres. Volunteering at a Centre is not just a great way of contributing to a community, but a way to learn new skills – ranging from effective governance to event planning.
  • This report is also a great advocacy tool – it demonstrates the impact of Centres and the strength of the network. It shows politicians and potential funders that an individual Centre may be small and highly localised, but it is connected to a large network with a significant voice and a wealth of knowledge and experience. Managers/coordinators across the network have a collective 1,135 years of sector and community knowledge, expertise, and trust.

Linkwest is proud to serve our wonderful Neighbourhood and Community Resource Centre members, and we will use this report to continue advocating on your behalf. The report proves that the work that Centres do – across WA – is important, and without Centres, many communities would lose not only essential services, but a place to build connections, develop skills, and have fun. Please have a look at this report – your impact might surprise even you.



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