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What are Neighbourhood Centres?

Neighbourhood Centres are friendly, informal places where community members meet for a variety of activities at minimal cost. They can also be called Family Centres, Community Centres, Community Resource Centres (CRCs) and Learning Centres.

  • Whatever name they go by, each Neighbourhood Centre reflects the needs and aspirations of its own community and provides courses and activities in response to community input.
  • Courses for adults and children are as diverse as the communities the Centre serves and can include arts & crafts, health & fitness, business & finance, computing & IT, and personal development.
  • Most tutors are local volunteers.
  • Activities offered by Centres include workshops, discussions, displays and social events.
  • Many Centres are self-funded and members of the community are encouraged to help in the organisation, management and use of their Centre.
  • Some Centres provide crèche during courses and some have youth groups, playgroups and after-school care.